A Pack of Cards, performed by Micaela Moore, Kevin Lim, Shayne Hunter, David Leary, Jack Marsho, Reegan Milne, Stephen Denham, Jemma Bayley

A Pack of Cards

Do you ever get weird looks, like you’re the crazy one? These jokers do, but they’re not crazy at all.
They’re just trying to figure out our complex and fascinating world. Fortunately, they’re pretty funny while they’re doing it! Catch this diverse line-up of comedians and have some laughs!

A Wo(r)k in Progress, performed by MJ Wong

A Wo(r)k in Progress

After a sell out run in 2018, MJ Wong presents a Wo(r)k in Progress. A new hour of comedy inspired by dating life in your 30s as a divorcee with a sound personaility and an average dong.

Adventures Of The Large Egg, performed by Nick Capper

Adventures Of The Large Egg

Last year Nick Capper was paid to go to 6 different countries via the worst way possible whilst wearing a tuxedo the whole time. Picture a James Bond except drinking cheap beer, not killing anyone and sleeping with no women getting around via public bus. This is travel to the extreme. This is Getaway with Rodney Rude and Salvador Dali as the hosts. This is like riding on the P & O Fairstar while smooching the Incredible Hulk and getting pegged by the Black Widow. Nick Capper has been ABC, Comedy Central, JJJ and done all of the festival jazz

Am I Right, Ladies? , performed by Grace Jarvis, Bridget Hassed, Taylor Edwards, Jordan Kadell, Bronwyn Kuss

Am I Right, Ladies?

Am I Right, Ladies? is back for Bris Funny Fest 2019! Join us for three nights of all-gal, all great standup comedy! Each show is presented by a different host – Ting Lim, Lauren Bonner, and Jasmine Fairbairn – and features 5 of Brisbane’s most loved wise-cracking wenches: Grace Jarvis, Bridget Hassed, Jordan Kadell, Taylor Edwards, and Bronwyn Kuss. No show has gone on without selling out so grab your tickets now!

Amateur Life Coach, performed by Emi Grace, Amanda Leigh, Glenn Stephens

Amateur Life Coach

You’ve watched Eat, Pray Love, you’ve read The Subtle Art of not giving a Fuck, and you can’t afford a psychiatrist - join us.

In this special show three comedians will unpack your emotional baggage, raise your inner child and find your soulmate. You’ll hear life-changing advice, receive spiritual guidance and experience a sense of wellbeing you’ve never felt before.

Meet Emi Grace, a My Little Pony styled musical comedy sensation whose songs celebrate bad sex, social anxiety and science. Enjoy some TMI time with Amanda Leigh, an effervescent stand up with a quick wit, impressively mobile face and ridiculous stories (no songs). Get intimate with Glenn Stephens, an acerbic keytar slayer whose comedic oeuvre covers everything from political satire to the joys of relationships and unbelievable magic lands.

Amateur Life Coach is for anyone who thinks adulting is hard, and cringes because adulting isn’t a word.

Amy Hetherington: Where They Hide The Crazy, performed by Amy Hetherington

Amy Hetherington: Where They Hide The Crazy

From the Northern Territory comes Amy Hetherington and her precarious balance of infectious optimism and tales of Darwin’s batsh*t insanity.
After sell out shows at MICF, Adelaide Fringe and Perth FRINGE WORLD and winning an Adelaide Fringe Weekly Comedy Award, Amy heads to Brisbane Funny Fest with her second solo show Where They Hide The Crazy. The Darwin comedian is a RAW Comedy National Finalist and she’s possibly the happiest person you'll ever meet. Expect terminal positivity, high energy and audience interaction.

Artisan Bore, performed by Adam Nico, Steven Hollamby

Artisan Bore

After their sold out debut show "Breaking Bald", Brisbane comedians Steven Hollamby & Adam Nico have returned with their latest hand crafted comedy offering.

Our floundering protagonists are back again as they meander their way through a labyrinth of observations, irritations and droll curiosities.

Background Lad, performed by Billy D'Arcy

Background Lad

One of Australian comedy's most exciting rising star's, Billy D'Arcy brings his debut hour of stand-up to Bris Funny Fest. Get around the great man as he shares his best jokes and attacks people that deserve it, including himself. Get around it.

Bad Idea, performed by Dusty Rich

Bad Idea

Dusty Rich is full of bad ideas. In fact, he's living one.

Barrel of Laughs, performed by Doony & Friends

Barrel of Laughs

Aether Brewing has teamed up with Doony to bring you live open mic comedy.

Presenting some of the best Qld & interstate amateur acts around along with the odd pro dropping in you’ll have a barrel of fun in the Barrel Room as they amuse & bemuse you with quirky observations, outrageous anecdotes & just a broken general outlook on life.

Paddles of beers & gut busting laughs! A great way to spend your Sunday arvo… & it’s free!

Big Fork Fridays, performed by Big Fork Theatre

Big Fork Fridays

It’s comedy like you’ve never seen before as Big Fork Theatre’s crack team of comedians and improvisers guarantee a brand new night of comedy every Friday night at 7:30pm, direct from the old Paddington Substation.

Bitter With a Twist, performed by Colette Andersen

Bitter With a Twist

Life can get awfully bitter and you never know when you might need a twist.
Bitter With a Twist is the much more light hearted version of being bitter and twisted.
Colette Andersen’s 45 minute stand up comedy routine is a satirical reflection on life that is fast paced, witty and hilarious, engaging men and women alike.
With anecdotes and analogies that come out of left field, Bitter With a Twist belies the clearly sensible senior that Colette is.
Or is she?
Strap yourself in for a ride that takes you just south of CraZy Town.

Blaze Against The Machine, performed by Shayne Hunter

Blaze Against The Machine

A stand up Comedy show about Drugs, Addiction, and Psychedelics.

Blute's Comedy, performed by Blute's Comedy

Blute's Comedy

Welcome to Blute's Comedy - Each Thursday from 7.30pm

Bris Funny Fest Opening Night Gala!, performed by

Bris Funny Fest Opening Night Gala!

Bronny & Sons Comedy Company, performed by Ethan Simiana, Bronwyn Kuss

Bronny & Sons Comedy Company

Bronny & Sons Comedy Company is the safe, natural, easy way to laugh. All jokes made from a durable material that won't easily rip or tear, and are built to last for years.

Starring Bronwyn Kuss (RAW Finalist 2017) and Ethan Simiana (RAW Loser 2017), Bronny and Sons Comedy Company is a show filled to the brim with jokes that deliver the laughs at no extra charge.

Closing Night Show, performed by

Closing Night Show

Cognitive Behavioural Terrorist, performed by Sean Quinn

Cognitive Behavioural Terrorist

Sean earns a living from other people's distress. Anxiety, depression, problem gambling - you name it, he surrounds himself in it. Why? Sean is a cognitive behavioural therapist. But sometimes he feels like he needs the therapy more. Don't we all?

Cum Balloon, performed by Dalton Whiskey

Cum Balloon

Cum Balloon is a hilarious and light-hearted original hour of comedy performed by up-and-coming Brisbane-based comedian Dalton Whiskey.

D4WH: Live From The TARDIS!, performed by Nicchia Schutt, Adam O'Sullivan, BekTech

D4WH: Live From The TARDIS!

D4WH is a Brisbane based, Doctor Who themed podcast where comedian hosts Adam and Nicchia discuss all things Whovian. Come and join them for their first live show to discuss The Daleks, in an experience not to be missed!

Damien Power - Work in Progress 2019, performed by Damien Power

Damien Power - Work in Progress 2019

Multi award winning comedian Damian Power works through his latest material as well as some material from past shows, building a new show for next year. It's always great to see an experienced comedian work and experiment.

A three-time nominee for Most Outstanding Show of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the multi award winning Damien Power is widely regarded as the most exhilarating voice on the Australian comedy circuit, racking up a number of awards, nominations and rave reviews, and selling out rooms across the country.

Damien was selected to perform at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, appearing on All Access, hosted by Wyatt Cenac and filmed for the Comedy Network in Canada.

Damien performed his 2019 show Man Puts his Dreams in a Sock in 2019 at all major Australian comedy festivals and has been nominated for Best Comedy Performer category at the 2019 Helpmann Awards.

Discharged, performed by Tomas Brady; Jarryd Goundrey


Discharged: “To be dismissed or released from employment. Optionally choosing to terminate place of employment to seek new opportunities.”

Up and coming comedians Jarryd Goundrey and Tomas Brady both escaped the clutches of the Australian Army by successfully and (somewhat) honourably discharging. Since then, both have found solace in telling jokes to forget everything they pretended to know. Leaning from previous experiences from the army and the world gave them, they have the skills to deliver rapid-fire comedy down range and bombard the audience with an enfilade of explosive punchlines. The result of two unique minds with an uncommon perspective usually found in the comedy scene is one of sheer hilarity and poignantly topical themes that leave audiences in fits of inquisitive laughter Goundrey and Brady can make audiences laugh harder and louder than any drill-sergeant has yelled at them. With the innate ability to cry like men off-stage while the audience is crying from laughter onstage, this is a show that is not to be missed!

Don't Tell Mum! (with MJ Wong): LIVE!, performed by MJ Wong, JM Wong

Don't Tell Mum! (with MJ Wong): LIVE!

Join MJ Wong as he gets comedians to tell his mum stories they would never tell their own mum in a live recording of the mildly popular podcast 'Don't Tell Mum! (with MJ Wong)'

Dusty Rich's Adult Show For Kids (and Adults), performed by Dusty Rich

Dusty Rich's Adult Show For Kids (and Adults)

Dusty Rich is doing a stand up comedy show FOR KIDS (but also it's for adults)

Echo Chamber, performed by Joshua Wessling and Mickey Flykick

Echo Chamber

Tellin' it how they've been told it is.

False Start, performed by Jack Marsho, Tom Clark

False Start

Outside of the bedroom, there is nothing funny about a ‘false start’; but in 2019, all that’s going to change. This phrase, which generally relates to track and field (the least entertaining sector of sport, save swimming) will be usurped and redefined in this hour-long, double-bill, featuring rising comic-stars, Jack Marsho and Tom Clark.

Fermentally Unstable , performed by Jordan Kadell

Fermentally Unstable

Fermentally Unstable is a manic episode of standup, dance, skits, and moments of true regret. It is not recommended by your mental health professional.

Five SKETCH COMEDY acts do their level best to amuse you for an hour or so!, performed by Mark Lombard Comedy (Brisburned), Big Fork Theatre, The Cheeky Moon, Drew Lochrie, Liz Talbot

Five SKETCH COMEDY acts do their level best to amuse you for an hour or so!

A group of sketchy sketch groups will sketch comedy before your very eyes.

Foxy Moron, performed by Sarah Kate Young

Foxy Moron

Sarah Kate Young is in top form and ready to party in a new show that is all about keeping things strange and stupid. Freakishly cool, darkly deranged, offensively funny and rolling like a fat boss, Sara Kate tip-toes the threads of political correctness to become a total savage. If you're into some weird hobbies or keep a few skeletons in your closet, you'll love this show.

Frivolity with a few lines of 'craic', performed by Mark O’Connell, Vanessa Larry Mitchell, Sandeep Totlani, Ryan Sim, Katie Wheatley

Frivolity with a few lines of 'craic'

Rising through the ranks in South East Queensland, Mark O’Connell is a fantastic Irish performer who has already made his way to featuring on stages all around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Dry and cutting observations leave every audience in stitches.

Funny Blacks R Us, performed by Leon Filewood, Aunty Maggie Walsh and Kylan Ambrum

Funny Blacks R Us

Funny Blacks R Us showcases three Aboriginal Stand Up Comedians and their respectively unique views on life as an Aboriginal person living in Queensland Australia.

Each comedian will share their story and the humour they find in their day to day life as an Aboriginal person.

Future Classics, performed by Luke Heggie and Cameron Duggan

Future Classics

Kill the fat calf Brisbane. Luke Heggie and Cameron Duggan are coming back to their home town with a bunch of new jokes, alongside some B-Sides from the past to fill out a solid hour of comedy. Get in. Three nights only.

No lowbreeds please.

Genuinely peerless. Have it.★★★★½' – Herald Sun 2019

Ginger Newbs - Comedy Without Soul , performed by Red Nevin, Sam Andrews, Sam Brain

Ginger Newbs - Comedy Without Soul

It’s truly an evening of comedy without soul.
Join 3 fresh faced ginger comedians (Sam Brain, Sam Andrews and Red Nevin) as they band together to bring you an hour of their finest yuk-yuks

Good Chat Comedy Club: Weekly Showcase, performed by Various

Good Chat Comedy Club: Weekly Showcase

Unprepared, disorganised, and definitely not sober, Good Chat Comedy Club is Brisbane's answer to a question that was never asked, with each show inviting the audience into the world of open mic comedy flipped on its head. Each Wednesday join the team for the most chaotic comedy night Brisbane has to offer, where nothing goes to plan and nobody sobers up.

FREE ENTRY. Doors and hip-hop from 6pm - get in early to nab a table, and knock back a few before the show.

Grace Jarvis - Doing Alright, performed by Grace Jarvis

Grace Jarvis - Doing Alright

A debut hour of stand up comedy from Brisbane comedian Grace Jarvis.

Heartbreaker, performed by Lauren Bonner


Lauren Bonner has never been dumped, which means she is a certified Heartbreaker. In this show, Bonner will track her evolution from a self-conscious teen into to an ice cold Heartbreaker with plenty of jokes along the way.

Heavy, performed by Greg Sullivan featuring Carolyn Mandersloot


Carolyn Mandersloot has always had an affinity with death and dying which has lead to her career as a palliative care nurse and death doula. Greg has died on stage more times than he would have preferred over a twenty five year career as a stand up comic, most of that time suffering from periodic bouts of suicidal depression. Carolyn was the stand out student at a comedy workshop Greg taught at the Woodford Planting festival. Since then they have helped each other through the loss of loved ones and layers of trauma. These positive, kind, warm comedians will escort you through the darkness of the human condition and into the light of love and laughter.

Two lovely, cheery, kind hearted people tell jokes about difficult subjects. Heavy stuff, and some fat jokes.

HEYA Comedy Open Mic Night, performed by Heya Comedy

HEYA Comedy Open Mic Night

The absolute best of open mic comedy delivered every Wednesday from 7.30pm!

Ho Hum Musical Improv, performed by Adam O'Sullivan, Glenn Seaby, Kath Griffin, Mandy Plumb, Marc Buckingham, Mark Grimes

Ho Hum Musical Improv

Think ‘Wayne Brady’ on steroids! You tell us the name of the show, we make up a hilarious musical on the spot.

Some of our musical titles performed on Brisbane stages have included:
- Medical Waiting Room Toys
- Lake Tranquillity
- Hello Siri the Musical
- Chardonnay the Musical

Start thinking of your title now and get ready to watch the cleverest and funniest musical comedy improv show you’ve ever seen!

Hog Wild, performed by Taylor Edwards

Hog Wild

Do you like laid back observational comedy? F*** off this show is not for you.
Do you want to enter a bizarre hysterical nirvana? Sounds like you wanna go HOG WILD!
HOG WILD – An out of control cross-genre comedy show. Witness one hot mess of a work-in-progress.

Instant Gay Icon, performed by Katie Wheatley

Instant Gay Icon

Becoming a gay icon isn't easy. It involves rigorous study, meticulous branding and the ability to sing while wearing 200 pounds worth of sequins. Instant Gay Icon features a catalogue of generic pop songs that were carefully designed to mould the next reigning Diva. Blatant pandering has never been so shameless!

Irony, Contingency, Solidarity, Lol, performed by Angus Gordon

Irony, Contingency, Solidarity, Lol

This show is all the best jokes I have plagiarised from other comedians. All of the comedians are very angry. Wil Anderson said he will bash me for telling his jokes, but in the face of industry wide persecution I bring this show to you.

Angus Gordon was named Best Newcomer at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2017. In 2015 he won the Raw Comedy competition (awards don't mean much: they mean everything). He has not won, nor been nominated for an award in 2018. His comedy teeters between bleak anti-humour and punchy one-liners, often focusing on the violent contradictions that constitute ordinary experience. It’s funny!

It Ends In a Rug, performed by Jack Knight, Stephen Denham

It Ends In a Rug

A one-two punch of surrealism mixed with a dose of autobiographical schmaltz brought to you by Stephen Denham and Jack Knight. (ft Special guests)

It's all gone wrong! , performed by Jack Knight

It's all gone wrong!

Jack Knight is 22 years old. Come and hear about how it all went wrong.

Lady LOLs Stand-Up Comedy, performed by Anna Brennan, Carolyn Mandersloot, Emi Grace & Jasmine Fairbairn

Lady LOLs Stand-Up Comedy

Three of QLD's hilarious ladies join forces for one hour of snort-laugh inducing tales. Jasmine Fairbairn, Anna Brennan and Carolyn Mandersloot split their time on the stage for an hour of comedy that will make your cheeks sore for days.

Laugh Your Socks Off!, performed by Finbar Martinez-Bennett

Laugh Your Socks Off!

Comedy is coming to Marquee Bar!!

Laughing Stock, performed by James Hanson

Laughing Stock

Laughing Stock is Brisbane’s newest Open Mic comedy competition. Presented by the Waterloo Bay Hotel in Brisbane’s Bayside, watch amateur and seasoned comedians alike battle it out for a stake in $500 worth of prizes

Lord of the Thrones, performed by ImproMafia

Lord of the Thrones

An Improvised romp through the fantasy world of Easteros, who will live? who will die? who will be on the throne at the end? will you like the ending? Come and see the dramatisation of the final book in the Lord of the Thrones series, only 16 years in the making.

Lost prophets of comedy , performed by Hollywood Brett Sheargold, Anne Howe, Noah Grieve, Luke Samuel Lewis, Matthew Green

Lost prophets of comedy

Three of Queensland’s brightens new comedic talents in their first Funny Festival Show And hosted by the strait shooting king of crowd work Hollywood Brett Sheargold

Love, performed by Oliver Twist


Oliver takes the stage for an hour to explore some funny ideas and thoughts, about what's the best way to relax, love, identity and more.

Lowered Expectations, performed by Lachlan Keenan, Matt Green, Chris Martin & Pierce Gordon

Lowered Expectations

Three of Brisbane's newest emerging comics take the stage for ONE. NIGHT. ONLY.
It's an hour filled of laughs about all kinds of things ranging from dating, jellyfish, Keep Cups, peep shows and a LOT more about dating.
MC'd by one of the big boys of Brisbane himself Chris Martin. The line up includes Pierce Gordon, Matt Green and headliner Lachlan Keenan.
It's a recipe for a legendary night... if you only lower your expectations.

Magic Mic, performed by Magic Mic

Magic Mic


Me (1995 - 2019), performed by Dan Dennis

Me (1995 - 2019)

Covering his favourite topic (himself), Dan traverses the highs and lows of the previous 24 years whilst trying not to be too open with the audience in his new trial show.

Mick Tree Propergation , performed by Mick Tree

Mick Tree Propergation

His last name is actually Tree but most people won't believe him and others go so far as to laugh at him especially when he mentions the fact he has a background in horticulture;
That's all right cause laughter is the best medicine as they say; although he has never seen a Doctor prescribe it before.

Myoclonic Jerks: Live Podcast, performed by MJ Wong, Will, Dr Toony

Myoclonic Jerks: Live Podcast

MJ (clinical pharmacist) and Will (medical student) try their best to be both informative and funny about medical things. Dr Toony (actual doctor/pharmacist) does the educational heavy lifting. See them bumble their way through medicine and comedy in a live recording of their podcast 'Myoclonic Jerks'. Please don't use this podcast to inform your clinical practice.

Neurological Misfires, performed by Alf Arber, Michael Hastie, Grace Hogan, Mark Boulton and Matthew Price

Neurological Misfires

Blowing in from the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, this collective of Neurological Misfires are set to entertain, shock and burst your pineal gland wide open with laughter as they bring you their best material - this one hour show features a dolphin loving, pot head; an air dancing, dog whisperer; a would-be Viking; an OCD, Birkenstock wearing punk and a deadly, psychedelic warrior god! Neurological Misfires brings together this showcase of emerging comics, who’ve been tearing up festivals, taking out competitions and smashing through bowling clubs to be unleashed at BFF.

Nick Carr Floods the Market, performed by Nick Carr

Nick Carr Floods the Market

Nick Carr is a super smart dude and an expert in economics. Returning after the smash hit Nick Carr is Trying His Best, Nick Carr has learnt alot and is all grown up. Or at least, living with other grown ups.... His parents. But dont worry about him, hes a landlord now and is the back bone of the economy. And he intends to use the incredible powers of economics to solve all the problems in the world. And with a little bit of luck and a whole lot of laughs, he just might be the man to do it!

No Worries, performed by Chris Ryan

No Worries

Chris Ryan (2019 Best Newcomer, Sydney Comedy Festival) navigates the waters of relationships, family, adulthood and expectations on a leaky old raft she built with her thoughts, such as they are.

Not Great (But Not Shit), performed by Shad Wicka

Not Great (But Not Shit)

After losing his cushy job this year due to a run in with Scomo, things have been Not Great for Shad Wicka. But maybe they can also be Not Shit? A blend of stand-up and story telling, Wicka applies his own brand of cynicism to the stage culminating in a story that will blow your mind.

Obsolete, performed by Michael Adams, Chris Martin


Performing live at the 2019 Bris Funny Fest!
Join up and coming comedian Michael Adams as he presents his unique perspective on a rapidly changing world.
With special guest Chris Martin.

Pants Touching, performed by Anna Brennan

Pants Touching

Anna's comedy is like getting maccas when you're drunk: quick, oddly satisfying and a bit naughty. Relatable, observational and a little bit gross, this promises* to be a thigh slapper.
*Promises are made willy nilly, and may not be kept.

Parenting Fails Stand-Up Comedy, performed by Anna Brennan, Andy Thompson, Jasmine Fairbairn & Carolyn Mandersloot

Parenting Fails Stand-Up Comedy

Join some of QLD's funniest Mums and Dads for a night of Parenting Fails stand-up comedy. We guarantee* to make you feel better about that time your kid rolled off the bed.

*Promises are made willy-nilly and may not be kept.

Paws for Laughter RSPCA Fundraiser with Mel Buttle and Friends, performed by Mel Buttle and Friends

Paws for Laughter RSPCA Fundraiser with Mel Buttle and Friends

Paws For Laughter is a big night of comedy to raise much needed funds for RSPCA QLD. Join Brisbane’s own Mel Buttle and comedy mate Nick Cody for a night of top shelf comedy designed to tickle the funny bone of animal lovers. They will be supported by some of Brisbane’s best up and coming comedians. 100% of funds raised will be donated to the RSPCA QLD.

As well as being an award winning comedian, Mel Buttle is a seasoned writer with a weekly column in The Courier Mail and Mel has been credited for her work on several television shows such as Please Like Me and This Week Live.

You may have seen Mel on ABC TV’s The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Tractor Monkeys, Back Seat Drivers or It’s A Date as well as Network Ten’s The Project or This Week Live. Mel is also a regular on NZ’s TV3 weekly program 7Days and has just returned from co-hosting her fourth season of The Great Australian Bake Off for Foxtel’s LifeStyle Channel.

PC Impaired, performed by Anne Ferguson Howe

PC Impaired

A brief synopsis of life growing up in the east end of London and my far away views on British society

Playground - Bris Funny Fest edition, performed by ImproMafia

Playground - Bris Funny Fest edition

ImproMafia's Playground - Bris Funny Fest edition is mixing up its "normal" free weekly show with special formats, improv competitions and performances throughout month of Bris Funny Fest! Celebrating Brisbane’s vibrant Improvised comedy and Improvised theatre community! Each week the show will have two halves! So double the fun! That’s right, for the Maths people, that’s fun x 2 = ImproMafia’s Playground. Q.E.D.

Proud & Sassy, performed by Vanessa Larry Mitchell, John Peacock

Proud & Sassy

This potty mouthed duo from the great lands of the Northern Rivers in NSW will have you laughing your way through a trail of observation, story telling and sassy comedy. Join Vanessa Larry Mitchell & John Peacock as they bring the house down in their hilarious debut show.... Proud & Sassy.

Randy and Friend, performed by Adam O'Sullivan and Randy P Pickles

Randy and Friend

Country Legend Randy Pickles is bringing his unique style of songs and stories of his life to the Bris Funny Fest. Alongside his recent friend Adam O'Sullivan this show is going to take you to Tennessee and back!

Razzle Dazzle, performed by Matt Stewart & Jess Perkins

Razzle Dazzle

Stand up comedians Jess Perkins (Triple J, RAW Comedy national finalist) and Matt Stewart (ABC TV, RAW Comedy winner) are ready to razzle (and dazzle) you in this Australian comedy debut.

Remisson Impossible , performed by Nick Carr (MC) Sam Brian (opener) Jayde OBrien (opener) Scott Cohen (headliner)

Remisson Impossible

In Remission Impossible Scott Cohen gives a humorous insight into the ups and downs of living with a diagnosis of terminal cancer.

Ryan Sim & Jacob Lingard present Leisuremasters: A Live Podcasts, performed by Ryan Sim & Jacob Lingard

Ryan Sim & Jacob Lingard present Leisuremasters: A Live Podcasts

Leisuremasters is a 10 minute whirlwind of a podcast released every 2 days, whether you like it or not. On Monday the 12th of August, at 8:30pm, esteemed hosts Ryan Sim and Jacob Lingard are gonna drag those ten minutes out for an entire hour, with the help of four other comedians and a live audience.

Ryan Sim: System Of A Down - Toxicity (2001), performed by

Ryan Sim: System Of A Down - Toxicity (2001)

Ryan Sim is a Brisbane-based comedian who didn't come here to make friends. He came here to win.

Saturday Night F*ck Show, performed by Nick Carr, Chris Martin, MJ Wong and friend(s)

Saturday Night F*ck Show

In the great comedy festival tradition, BIG Comedy bring you the Saturday Night F*ck Show. A crazy chaotic mix of stand up, sketch, games and general performer humiliation for your hedonistic pleasure. Come yum it up chums!

SBC Comedy /// Bris Funny Fest Edition, performed by SBC Comedy

SBC Comedy /// Bris Funny Fest Edition

As part of Bris Funny Fest, SBC Comedy is throwing out a night of big laughs. Join us at Saccharomyces Beer Cafe on Monday August 26 for a showcase of Brisbane's best comedians and some very special guests! Make sure your last week of Bris Funny Fest starts the right way!

School Night Comedy, performed by Big Fork Theatre

School Night Comedy

Welcome to School Night Comedy, Big Fork Theatre’s weekly Thursday night show! Brisbane we’ve heard you - you can’t get enough of our hilarious improvised comedy at Big Fork Fridays. So we’re bringing a second totally new show to add to your weekly comedy schedule.

Sharpest Tool In The Shed, performed by

Sharpest Tool In The Shed

Sharpest Tool In The Shed is back at the Inn for another couple rounds of deep belly laughs courtesy of your new favourite stand up comedians! With both fresh new finds and well seasoned experts on each bill it’s sure to be the perfect Friday cure. Join us for a beer and a laugh on the last Friday of every month!

Show Us Yer Tips - Live Podcast, performed by Jasmine Fairbairn / Kira Kovalevsky

Show Us Yer Tips - Live Podcast

Live Podcast of Show Us Yer Tips with Kira and Jasmine

Sketch Me Like One of Your French Girls, performed by David Massingham

Sketch Me Like One of Your French Girls

Your heart will go on for the debut from David Massingham (The Sexy Detectives). He’s a national improv champion, an award-winning comic, and he wants you to sketch him wearing this.

Wearing ONLY this.

“Sketch Me is an utterly spirited and innovative sketch show.”
Theatre Press

Hugging Comedians

Slipstream BrewHAHA Comedy Night, performed by

Slipstream BrewHAHA Comedy Night

Comedy at Slipstream Brewery is BACK. Get ready for a great night of jugs and jokes!

Sodium Pentothal, performed by Andrew Dawson, Doony

Sodium Pentothal

An hour of stand-up comedy, featuring Chris "Doony" Muldoon and Andrew Dawson.

Spicy, Buff & Autistic!, performed by BJ Connolly, Jo Gowda, Lochy Wagner

Spicy, Buff & Autistic!

Spicy, Buff & Autistic! BJ makes fun of his autism and gets way with saying lots of inappropriate things! Jo makes hysterical observations about her Indian heritage and new Aussie life! Lochy jokes about all the interesting people whilst owning a gym!

Split Show, performed by Dan Rath and Blake Freeman

Split Show

Blake Freeman is one of Australia’s brightest new comedians, making a name for himself with his own brand of energetic and disarmingly honest comedy. Through his youthful energy and charismatic delivery Blake weaves charming stories, making the intensely personal relatable.
2019 is proving to be a breakthrough year for Blake – His debut stand up show 'There's Something There' was nominated for, and won, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s award for ‘Best Newcomer’, had a sell-out season at both the Brisbane and Sydney Comedy Festivals, and travels to the acclaimed Soho Theatre in London’s West End.
"This guy is live and direct and has the easy, candid demeanour of a man born to be a comedian." - Herald Sun 2019
Dan Rath has enough parking ticket debt to cripple a small European country and he has watched his car get cubed by the government. He has been disrespected by his colleagues and is bruised and battered with nothing to lose. His low status means he has heightened cortisol production and is not equipped to take a gentle ribbing. He has a diverse set of interests including prime numbers.

His comedy will appeal to:

a) burnouts with no driver’s license
b) folks who have paid a visit to marijuana island
c) scumdogs

Dan Rath is ready to capitulate to the desires of the audience. All this stammering boob wants is a playmate. 
HEYA bar is open for food and drinks from 2.30pm for Saturday & Sunday shows and 5pm for all weekday shows.

Stand Up Comedian, performed by Jacob Lingard

Stand Up Comedian

“A charismatic storyteller.” – The Music
“Indescribable. He’s just really funny. ” – The Au Review
“An incredibly honest, down-the-line act whose commanding presence turns heads the moment he walks in the room.” – Weekend Notes

Stand Up Comedy Improv Competition: Crowd Control, performed by Crowd Control

Stand Up Comedy Improv Competition: Crowd Control

A comedy competition of eight comedians to see who is the best at improvising with an audience.

Stand Up VS Improviser , performed by Hosted by Chris Martin

Stand Up VS Improviser

Join host Chris Martin, lover and unbiased master of both comedic disciplines, as he puts two stand ups and two improvisers against each other, through a series of hilarious challenges, in a battle of comedy wits to finally determine which is the superior art-form. This is Stand Up Vs Improviser.

Swimming the Seas of Failure 2 - Now even more fail-ier!, performed by Jasmine Fairbairn

Swimming the Seas of Failure 2 - Now even more fail-ier!

Have you ever wanted someone in your life who makes you feel better about all your choices? This is the show for you!

Jasmine Fairbairn has earned her PHD in failure this last year, from getting divorced to raising teenagers to living her best creative life (slightly above poverty line, which is technically a win, except when it comes to having super or savings).

If you saw the first STSOF this is a whole new level of fail with special guests Kira Kovalevsky and Simone Eclair. You'll leave knowing you're doing all the right things.

The Brew Comedy Show, performed by Nick Carr, Ashwin Segkar

The Brew Comedy Show

The Brew Comedy show returns to your favourite laneway bar on Monday the 19th of August at 6PM.. And, it's all FREE!

The Cognitive Dissident II: From Hero to Zero, performed by Shayne Hunter

The Cognitive Dissident II: From Hero to Zero

The Cripple Effect, performed by Richie Goodacre

The Cripple Effect

Richie is a comedian with cerebral palsy, a fact that becomes the big elephant in the room to his audiences, so why not dedicate an hr to it? Join Richie for an hour of hilarity, as he regales the crowd with tales of people’s perceptions and the tribulations of being a disabled citizen in Australis

The Curry Monster, performed by Sandeep Totlani

The Curry Monster

This is a Legends only Comedy show. Come to this show if you like your comedy honest, a little bit dark and very SPICY.
Sandeep Totlani is Brisbane's up and coming Comedian with a highly likeable stage presence. After sold out performances at Perth Fringeworld and Adelaide Fringe Festival and having supported the likes of Danny Bhoy, Kanan Gill, Matt Okine, Zakir Khan and many more, he is finally ready to debut his solo show at the Bris Funny Fest, 2019 about his life as a student and an immigrant in Australia. Expect a fresh and uniquely hilarious hour of cultures coming together, food jokes and rants about Pauline Hanson, Indian parenting and Australia's Immigration policies.

"No shortage of Laughs..."
★★★★ The West Australian

The End Comedy Night, performed by Katie Wheatley, Taylor Edwards, Jo Gowda, Emi Grace, Colette Anderson, Jack Marsho, Sarah Kate Young, Bridget Hassed

The End Comedy Night

Join us for a showcase of some of Brissy's female and queer comedians!

TIME: 7-8:30pm
DATE: August 29
PLACE: The End, Vulture Street, West End
PRICE: FREE! But we take donations for Black Rainbow (suggested $5 donation)

The Grate Debate, performed by Doony, Andrew Dawson + Brisbanes best opionionators!

The Grate Debate

Join Brisbane’s most heated opinionators as they debate the pressing issues facing society in 2019 in their quest to be anointed the best debaters of the Bris Funny Fest!

The Holy Kickons, performed by Finbar Martinez-Bennett, Angus McLeod, Will Lambert, Skye Fellman

The Holy Kickons

The Holy Kickons is a one act comedy play, and the newest Servo Pie production to be presented as a part of the Bris FunnyFest. The Holy Kickons explores the fine art of post-modern kickons, and the prospect of a kickons renaissance. With sold out shows in previous plays 'The Pull' and 'Yeah the Boys!', The Holy Kickons looks to take the Seven Hills Hub by storm so make sure to get your tickets quick to avoid missing out. The Holy Kickons runs on the 15th and 16th of August at the Ron Hurley Theatre, starting at 7:30pm. Early Bird tickets are on sale now, so make sure to get in quick and secure a night of laughs and even a cheeky kickons.

This Is A Variety Show, performed by Jake Smith, Nat Russell, Cale Donadelli

This Is A Variety Show

Strap in for a night of stand-up comedy, a live panel show, musical acts, erotic storytelling, prize giveaways, and lord knows what else - all wrapped up in a live podcast recording. We’re pulling out all the stops in a non-stop hour of entertainment that will leave you begging for your money back. Prepare yourselves and your loved ones for a night of multi-genre mayhem, hosted by three morons who shouldn’t be trusted with even the most basic of tasks.

Ting Lim: Out on a Lim, performed by Ting Lim

Ting Lim: Out on a Lim

Ever bid farewell to everything you know? Ever gone out on a limb?

Ting Lim did just that when she migrated to Brisbane from Singapore.

Saying goodbye to her dysfunctional family, Ting Lim braced herself for her new life ahead with her new-found freedom.

In her quest for a new beginning here, she has been attacked by a bush turkey and became the object of unrequited love from border security. Who knew freedom had a price?

How do you find your feet in a strange new world? How do you navigate between two distinctive cultures? What the hell are Singapore Noodles? From the perspective of a cynical self-loathing voyager, Ting explores these questions using her dark wit and easy charm.

Ting has performed with the likes of Dilruk Jayasinha, Jimeoin and Rove McManus. In 2019, Ting opened for Demetri Martin and was handpicked to be part of the Outback Comedy Roadshow.

Now, after a sold-out run at the Perth Fringeworld, Ting is debuting her first solo show at the Bris Funny Fest.

"Funny, charming stuff..." - The Heckler
"Hilariously recounts stories..." - Brisbane Stage
“4 stars.. No shortage of laughs…” - The Western Australian
“Easily drew many laughs…” - Weekend Notes Adelaide

Tinkerings, performed by Eric Tinker


Musical comedian Eric Tinker’s show Tinkerings is making its Queensland debut at the Bris Funny Fest. Tinkerings showcases original comedy songs, covers and rewritten lyrics (‘tinkerings’) of pop standards. Songs such as Pommie People (to the tune of Pulp’s Common People) and Achy Breaky Heart 2 - The Zombie Apocalypse.
Tinkerings enjoyed a successful run at the Adelaide Fringe in March: “His songs, like Cow Meditation and Philosophy, are actually brilliant, dripping with double entendres and fantasy.” Barefoot Review, 23/02/2019. Eric is eccentric, savvy and definitively different.

Valium &, performed by Liam Daley, Mark Boulton, Dennis Moore & BJ Connolly

Valium &

This show will have you see things in a way you never thought of and laugh at topics you never thought you would ever find hilarious.

Where's That Cigarette? With A Dash Of Wine and Spice Of Life, performed by Susan Thomas,  Angela Green, Alex Lawrence

Where's That Cigarette? With A Dash Of Wine and Spice Of Life

Bris Funny Fest at it's Best! Join me for a cigarette with my 'Dash of Wine and Spice of Life. Sit back and have a laugh as we take you into a world of smoke. It's all about those cigarettes and complications that go with it. Never been seen before comedy twists.
Venue: Metro Arts - Lumen Room - 2/109 Edward Street, Brisbane.
Tickets on Sale on Metro Arts Website. Tickets: $25.50 Concession: $22.50
Show Start: 7:45pm Show Finish: 8:45pm
Bar is OPEN 6:45pm up to show commencement 7:45pm.
Doors OPEN 7pm. So have a drink and chat and park your seat and get ready as I take through a world of smoke with my Wine and Spice.

With Cale and I, performed by Corporation Theatre

With Cale and I

'With Cale and I' is a two-handed improv comedy tour de force featuring two of Australia's most experienced improvisers and with a special performance by Raised by Wolves from Big Fork Theatre.

Cale Bain is a founder and Managing Director of Improv Theatre Sydney and was the Improv Director of Foxtel's "Whose Line Is It Anyway?". Luke is one of the founders of Brisbane comedy institution ImproMafia and has travelled around the world performing and teaching improv.

Zack & Joey Make A Porno, performed by Zack Dyer & Joseph Green

Zack & Joey Make A Porno

If you want to see the world’s best acrobatic display of lovemaking LIVE well, guess what? You’ve come to the right place.