Show Listings from 2018

A Flower or A Knife, performed by Kaychu, Jasmine Fairbairn, Anna Brennan

A Flower or A Knife

A flower or a knife is a show about the battle between the gentle mothers that we are, with our cupcakes baking in the oven and fixing booboos, and the brutal truth that we would snap a puppies neck if it bit our children.

Aaron Chen and Tom Walker, performed by Aaron Chen and Tom Walker

Aaron Chen and Tom Walker

Heya Comedy and Based Comedy present a really friggin’ funny Saturday with Tom Walker (ABC, MICF Best Newcomer) and Aaron Chen (also ABC and MICF Best Newcomer) doing a double bill that will have you doubled over. Award-winning, TV bad boys and both very funny.

Ain’t It Rich Live Podcast, performed by Aria Salan, Mickey Flykick

Ain’t It Rich Live Podcast

A live recording of the Brisbane Comedy Podcast 'Ain’t It Rich' hosted by Mickey Flykick and Aria Salan

Am I Right, Ladies?, performed by Mel Buttle, Steph Tisdell, Grace Jarvis, Erin Michelle, Jordan Kadell, Claudia Bergs, Bronwyn Kuss

Am I Right, Ladies?

After last year’s sold-out run, Am I Right, Ladies? is returning to Bris Funny Fest for two nights of all-gal, all great standup comedy. Hosted by nationally recognised comedians, each night showcases some of Brisbane’s (and Stralya’s) best upcoming talent, including QLD RAW Comedy Winner, Bronwyn Kuss. When the comics identify as female and the jokes identify as funny, there’s only one question... Am I Right, Ladies?

Ambien Excuses, performed by Andrew Dawson

Ambien Excuses

Ambien Excuses - an hour of stand-up comedy written and performed by Andrew Dawson.

Babetown, performed by Grace Jarvis, Jasmine Fairbairn


We're babes. It'll be fine.

Back Too School, performed by Ben Knight

Back Too School

Let Ben Knight take you back to school following the day in a life of teachers and students in his new one man show: BACK TOO SCHOOL

Bedroom Hindu, performed by Ashwin Segkar

Bedroom Hindu

A man child joins and leaves two world religions while getting haunted by the weirdo demons in his bedroom. A funny and sometimes disturbing mix of stand up comedy and clown about growing up between East and West.

Ben & Jim: Live, performed by Ben & Jim

Ben & Jim: Live

New Farm’s favorite sons hit centre stage for the ultimate celebration of bachelorhood.

Big Fork Fridays, performed by Big Fork Theatre

Big Fork Fridays


Every Friday night join Big Fork Theatre's crack team of comedians for a brand new night of improvised comedy.

***** ‘Big Fork Theatre are a gift to Brisbane comedy. Any show they are involved in is not to be missed’ - Anywhere Festival

Blute's Comedy @ Bris Funny Fest, performed by

Blute's Comedy @ Bris Funny Fest

Turn your BLUES into BLUTE'S
Brisbane's FRESHEST Comedy Show.
Bringing you the best comedians every single Tuesday 8pm FOR FREE

Breaking Bald, performed by Steven Hollamby, Doony, Adam Nico

Breaking Bald

In a world where everything is taboo why is it acceptable to mock the follically impaired?
These chrome-domed gentlemen share their unique perspective of navigating life whilst being doomed by their own genetic makeup & only having one choice of haircut.
Feel like life is unfair? You know what’s unfair… having NO HAIR!
Shined up by bald buffer Claudia Bergs witness Adam Nico, Steven Hollamby & Doony unveil why Bald Heads + Bright Lights = Shining Stars!
Breaking Bald... it won't grow back.

Bris Funny Fest Closing Night Show, performed by

Bris Funny Fest Closing Night Show

Bris Funny Fest Opening Night Show, performed by

Bris Funny Fest Opening Night Show

Help us to officially open Bris Funny Fest 2018 with a night of some of the best comedians that we have to offer. All in Heya Bar, one of Brisbane's best comedy rooms, and official venue of 38 Bris Funny Fest shows!

Bris Funny Fest Pre-Gala, performed by You're Joking

Bris Funny Fest Pre-Gala

Bris Funny Fest is just around the corner in August, so we thought a celebration in advance with some of the greats that will be playing the festival is a perfect excuse to have a laugh.

After months of epic events that left punters laughing till the cocks flew home, YOU'RE JOKING returns to Brisbane's Biggest Living Room to once again showcase a side-splitting selection of national and homegrown comedians.

✯✯ You're Joking Comedy at The Flying Cock // Bris Funny Fest Pre-Gala ✯✯

✯✯ Thursday 26 July ✯✯
7pm 10pm - Doors
$5 on the door

Budding Comics: The Return, Parts I & II, performed by Budding Comics

Budding Comics: The Return, Parts I & II

Budding Comics. Comedy so fresh that their friends and family still come to see them perform. After a sold out show at last year's Bris Funny Fest, there's just one question to ask: which night will sell out first?

Claw Machine, performed by Chris Martin

Claw Machine

Claw Machine is the debut stand-up comedy show of Chris Martin, one of Australia's most promising up and coming stand-up comedians.

“Hilarious” – Brisbane Stage

“Ruptures of laughter” – Scenestr

Comedy At The Manhattan Line, performed by Joshua Wessling, Ryan Sim, Michelle Azevedo, Ben Rolfe, Brian Freeman, Grace Jarvis, Adam Nico, Marcus Thorpe, Joel Batham, Chris Martin, Andrew Lee

Comedy At The Manhattan Line

A hilarious showcase of some of the best comedians Bris Funny Fest 2018 has to offer

Cool Girl (A Work In Progress), performed by Michelle Azevedo

Cool Girl (A Work In Progress)

In her first solo stand-up show, Michelle Azevedo discusses a topic she wishes she didn't know so much about: trying hard to be "cool".

Cowboy Curry, performed by Doony & Sandeep Totlani

Cowboy Curry

The big deal of Brisbane comedy Sandeep Totlani teams up with the raw deal of the bush Doony to bring you an edgy interpretation of life, family recipes & sleeping under the stars.
Like cooking a camp oven full of chicken tikka masala, it might seem like a quirky combination. But whether you like a mild, medium or hot flavour these blokes will satiate you with feelings of safe warm fuzzies as you gorge on the buffet of बकवास they dish up. But beware that slight sense of doubt you’ll feel in the lower stomach if you over indulge, it’s been known for people to lose control when feasting on Cowboy Curry 😊

Damien Power - Work in Progress, performed by Damien Power

Damien Power - Work in Progress

Multi award winning comedian Damian Power works through his latest material as well as some material from past shows, building a new show for next year.  it's always great to see an experienced comedian work and experiment.

Depth of Flavour, performed by Ryan Sim, Mitch McCutcheon

Depth of Flavour

A split bill show featuring comedians Ryan Sim (Yarn Storytelling, Everything You Like Is Bad podcast) and Mitch McCutcheon (2015 Raw Comedy Finalist, Flight Centre) each performing 30 minutes of their best material.

Double Shot Impro @Bris Funny Fest, performed by ImproMafia

Double Shot Impro @Bris Funny Fest

Join ImproMafia from 7pm every Wednesday at The Bearded Lady for Maestro™, the classic improvised theatre format from Theatresports™ founder Keith Johnstone.

Douche Canoe, performed by Anna Brennan

Douche Canoe

HEYA Comedy and Bris Funny Fest present Douche Canoe, an hour of stand up comedy from the delightfully dirty Anna Brennan. Relatable, observational and a little bit gross, this promises* to be a thigh slapper.

*Promises are made willy nilly, and may not be kept.

FARZO, performed by Oliver Twist


Oliver takes the stage for an hour to explore some funny ideas and thoughts, about what's the best way to relax, love, identity and more.

NATIONAL RAW FINALIST 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
“...the spark of originality is there” - CHORTLE 

Fermentally Unstable, performed by Jordan Kadell

Fermentally Unstable

Standup, skits, and healthy recipes to remedy the shits, Fermentally Unstable is Jordan Kadell's guide to losing it, faking it, and baking it!

Front Bums, performed by Bronwyn Kuss, Claudia Bergs, Taylor Edwards

Front Bums

Front Bum(n.) A bum up the front. The bum you wish you had. A bum for the world.
A stand-up comedy night that brings bums to the front.
The future is front bum.
Starring Bronwyn Kuss (2018 RAW Comedy Grand Finalist), Claudia Bergs (direct from London) & Taylor Edwards (brilliantly funny- Scenestr).

Fully Made Up - An Improvised Cabaret, performed by Jenny Wynter

Fully Made Up - An Improvised Cabaret

Brissie's own award-winning musical "songbird and improvisation queen" Jenny Wynter presents her astounding one-woman cabaret, which is made up entirely from your suggestions!

Future Classics, performed by Luke Heggie

Future Classics

Kill the fat calf Brisbane. Luke Heggie is coming back to his home town with a bunch of new jokes, alongside some B-Sides from the past to fill out a solid hour of comedy; the standup variety.

No weird shit. If you want someone to ask you how your day was, what you do for a crust these days, or how long you’ve been married, then give your Mum a call.

No lowbreeds please.

GM4Hire Presents: Comics and Caverns, performed by Jimmy Reilly, Adam O'Sullivan, Dan Dennis, Mickey Flykick, Michelle Azevedo

GM4Hire Presents: Comics and Caverns

Swords! Sorcery! Sillyness! Former reality TV personality and professional Dungeon Master Jimmy Reilly takes four of Brisbane's finest comedic minds: Adam O'Sullivan, Dan Dennis, Mickey Flykick and Michelle Azevedo, through a live session of the world's 2nd most popular Tabletop RPG. Hosted in Fortitude Valley's own First Level Tavern; Netherworld

Good Chat Comedy Club: 1 Hour Special, performed by Good Chat Comedy Club

Good Chat Comedy Club: 1 Hour Special

Unprepared, disorganized, and definitely not sober. Good Chat Comedy Club invites you inside the fascinating and often glamorous world of the open mic comedy scene for one night only. Whether it's a dodgy sound setup, poorly rehearsed material, or drunk idiots just trying their best, Good Chat proves that great comedy certainly doesn't require great talent.

Good Chat Comedy Club is a no holds barred showcase of Brisbane's up and coming comic talent, featuring bits, skits, optional audience interaction, and lots of problem drinking - all hosted by the Good Chat MCs, Jake, Nat and Cale.

Gorilla Theatre, performed by ImproMafia

Gorilla Theatre

Five hilarious players. One gorilla. Three nights of laughs!

Heya Comedy, performed by

Heya Comedy

The absolute best of open mic comedy delivered weekly every Wednesday from Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley! You never know who’s going to show up to entertain you!

I Thought I Was Helping., performed by Sam Bowden

I Thought I Was Helping.

Sam often thinks he's helping when he's not. So do a lot of people.
This is a show about losing role models, creepy male feminists, and a particularly memorable toaster.

In the Wong Family, performed by MJ Wong

In the Wong Family

MJ Wong was born into the w(r)ong family, then he fell in love and got married to the w(r)ong woman. Will he ever belong, will two w(r)ongs ever make a right?

MJ Wong explores misfortune through comedy with his unique blend of 'smart and dumb*' jokes in an often dark, but hilarious hour of comedic catharsis.

*mostly dumb

IRRITABLE - Chris Auld (Comedian), performed by Chris Auld

IRRITABLE - Chris Auld (Comedian)

Jokes about Eating endangered species? Yep.
Jokes about Death? Check.
Poo jokes? Yeah he's gross.
You haven't heard of him. But he's funny! Check out Chris Auld @ Aether Brewing!

Joke Apologize Repeat, performed by Hollywood Brett Sheargold

Joke Apologize Repeat

Comedy legend Hollywood Brett Sheargold returns to deliver a vicious back hand to the politically correct atmosphere surrounding comedy.

Komedy Komeback Kings, performed by Dom Cusack, Geoff Renison, Alex Condon

Komedy Komeback Kings

Komedy Komeback Kings brings together the collective insanity and alleged talent of Brisbane comedians Dom Cusack, Geoff Renison and Alex Condon in their titular comeback to the stage following a brief hiatus spent in stereotypically grizzled barfly anonymity before being coaxed into one more world tour.

Loose Unit, performed by Nick Cody

Loose Unit

After a sold out run at Comedy Festivals across Australia Nick Cody brings a special Encore of Loose Unit to Bris Funny Fest!

Love That, performed by Stuart Daulman

Love That

Award winning writer and comedian Stuart Daulman presents a collection of some of game changing jokes. This is the most clever comedy show you will ever go to*

*might not be but it’s funny so who cares. Love that show blurb baby.

Magic Mic, performed by

Magic Mic


Join us every Sunday night at The Milk Factory for Magic Mic, one of Brisbane's best open mic comedy shows. A wide range of drinks and delicious food is served up alongside Brisbane's best up and coming comedians.

Finish your weekend with a laugh!

Manxiety, performed by Dominic Cusack, Samuel Schuler


A sketch comedy show by Dominic Cusack and Samuel Schuler exploring the inner turmoils and unique struggles faced by the modern man.

Matt Stewart , performed by

Matt Stewart

Matt Stewart (RAW Comedy winner, ABC TV, Do Go On Podcast) is back at Bris Funny Fest with a new show! After sell out shows in Perth Fringe World, Brisbane Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe and Melbourne International Comedy Festival, see Matt's freshest material for the first time at Bris Funny Fest.

Minority Retort, performed by Richie Goodacre, Jennifer Burke

Minority Retort

Funny when Standup Comedy and people beyond the fringes of society make a baby. Join friends/comedians Richie Goodacre (Brisbane Comedy Festival, Raw comedy finalist, Open Bracket, Close Bracket) and Jennifer Burke (2014 Raw Comedy State Winner, 2014 Raw Comedy Grand Finalist) for 60 mins of hilarity as they expertly weave their way through various topics such as Modern Dating and the pitfalls of Society. These minorities definitely won't remain silent, which is quite helpful in a stand up comedy show.

Neighbourhood Watching, performed by Nicchia Schutt

Neighbourhood Watching

If you've NEVER lived next door to the neighbour from hell - then guess what - it's YOU. Join Beck Buckingham and Nicchia Schutt in rolling the suburbs over and tickling them on their seedy little underbelly.

Nick Carr is Trying His Best, performed by Nick Carr

Nick Carr is Trying His Best

Nick Carr is a good guy. He's doing a standup comedy show. He is going to try really hard! It will probably be pretty good.

Paws for Laughter RSPCA Fundraiser with Mel Buttle and Fred Lang, performed by Mel Buttle and Fred Lang

Paws for Laughter RSPCA Fundraiser with Mel Buttle and Fred Lang

Paws For Laughter is a big night of comedy to raise much needed funds for RSPCA QLD. Join Brisbane’s own Mel Buttle and comedy legend Fred Lang for a night of top shelf comedy designed to tickle the funny bone of animal lovers. They will be supported by some of Brisbane’s best up and coming comedians. 100% of funds raised will be donated to the RSPCA QLD.

Please Don't Listen to Me, performed by Joel Batham

Please Don't Listen to Me

Joely Boy's got some TAKES. He doesn't know if he should. It's very difficult to know what you actually think, if you're right, if you're an idiot, if you should shut up, or if actually maybe you are right and it's everyone else who should shut up.

Pork Palace, performed by Nick Capper

Pork Palace

Nick Capper is a NSW born, Melbourne-based stand-up comedian with over ten years experience.

Nick has been seen on Comedy Up Late on ABC TV, Gocsy's Classics on Comedy Central and heard on Triple J He regularly hosts Triple R’s Breakfasters program, has appeared in the web series Bruce from Wilfred co-creator Tony Rogers and is a regular on popular comedy podcast the Little Dum Dum Club as well as his own podcast The Phone Hacks with Mike Goldstein.

Nick Capper is the sort of comedian who is comfortable in chaos. But don’t be fooled – he may have you on the edge of your seat wondering if he knows what he’s doing, but as a comedian who has been in the game for almost ten years, that loose, laid back, flying by the seat of your pants style is all part of the game.

Nick also sold out his entire Melbourne Comedy Festival run in 2018.

"Nick Capper is the real deal. He has funny bones and a wild imagination that spins amazing stories" - Anne Edmonds

Rage Against the Washing Machine, performed by Nicole Stevens

Rage Against the Washing Machine

Rage Against the Washing Machine is a one-woman show of dry, observational stand-up comedy, original songs on a ukulele and a tiny Casio keyboard named Keith. Nicole Stevens is a Raw Comedy Northern Territory finalist based in Darwin.

Release the Bees, performed by Release the Bees

Release the Bees

Release the Bees are a musical comedy duo, and between them they've been seen everywhere from the Raw Comedy National Grand Final, ABC2, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, the Brisbane Comedy Festival to the Betoota Advocate. David, the guitarist, has also been seen smoking outside comedy venues, which is disappointing.

Rough Cut, performed by Erin Michelle, Jordan Kadell

Rough Cut

A collection of sharp and joyous reflections on everyday nonsense.

Rowan Thambar - LIVE at Bris Funny Fest, performed by Rowan Thambar

Rowan Thambar - LIVE at Bris Funny Fest

Comedy heart-throb Rowan Thambar will be performing his new show "Hope you're not disappointed" AND my award-nominated show "23" at Bris Funny Fest.

Are you tired of being disappointed? Rowan Thambar is. He will solve all of your disappointments in his latest one hour comedy show filled with dazzling jokes and songs that really quite good. It's a show about hope and disappointment and he really hope's you won't be disappointed.

Rowan has recently been hand-picked by the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for the prestigious “Comedy Zone” and identified as one of the funniest emerging talents to hit the Australian stage. After selling out shows in Melbourne and Sydney, and honing his craft in the US, ‘Hope you're not disappointed’ is full of the finest musical comedy and stand up you can get your hands on.

‘23’ is a show written and performed by comedy heart-throb Rowan Thambar that blends musical comedy and big-hearted stand-up on his journey to discover the kind of man he wants to be. Fighting off the stigma of being a millennial, acknowledging his privilege and contemplating his impending mortality – this is a show that will make you both laugh and stop to ask why.

Saturday Night's Brain Event, performed by Big Fork Theatre

Saturday Night's Brain Event


A comedy wrestling trivia show has come back….to Bris Funny Fest!

It’s the show where the Quizmaster meets the Ringmaster and general knowledge meets General Adnan. Saturday Night’s Brain Event! Exclusively from Paddington at the Bris Funny Fest 2018!

Some Kind of Wonder, performed by Marcus Davis + Jonny Haselam

Some Kind of Wonder

Marcus Davis and Jonny Haselam split the comedy lineup, each bringing 30 minutes of brand new material, plus some solid gold hits from their finest material, specifically designed to tickle your cochlea, and delight your mind.

In ‘Some Kind of Wonder’, Marcus muses on some stuff that's in his head. Join him for a whacky part-TEDTalk, part-unravelling mind, as he shares some of the things that make his brain tick and his heart race.

They say laughter is the best medicine and that music soothes the savage beast… in ‘Some kind of Wonder’ Jonny Haselam will medicate and ease your wild brutes with his mixture of musical comedy.

Something with "Loser" in the Title, performed by Brian Strain

Something with "Loser" in the Title

Brian Strain has quite a low opinion of himself. Although it happens to be a very popular opinion. So who is he to go against the consensus? Over a lifetime of failure and a decade in comedy, Brian Strain has finally achieved something. Something with “Loser” in the title.

The Breast of The Fest , performed by Gamze Kirik

The Breast of The Fest

Hot off the back of sold out shows in Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Commit to Your Jokes presents The Breast of the Fest: Brisbane Edition. Treat yourself to a hilarious night with 3 of Melbourne’s breast* up and coming comedians. All genders are welcome at our weird comedy party.


The Good Boys of Comedy, performed by Marcus Thorpe, Suraj Kolarkar, Hayden Foote

The Good Boys of Comedy

Three hammers of the Brisbane comedy scene spin yarns and crack funnies. Presented by local showrunners/alcoholics, the Good Chat MCs, the Good Boys of Comedy night consists of back to back sets by local legends, Marcus Thorpe, Suraj Kolarkar and Hayden Foote.

The Hat Game, performed by Matt Okine

The Hat Game

From a young age, Matt's dad taught him how to get the most out of the slurpee machine. You gotta tap and shake the cup. Expel the air. Work it like a conga drum. Coconut oil is good for sexy massages but also to rub on your head if you are going bald and have nobody to massage. And don't fall down the flat-earth rabbit hole; you'll only go round in circles... These are the things our teachers never taught us. 

It's been a massive 12 months for Matt Okine, you could not miss him in 2017 when he wrote and starred in his very own hit series The Other Guy on Stan along with hosting his own cooking show on ABC (Shortcuts to Glory) and touring the country with his live standup show. Don't miss seeing Matt Okine live in 2018.  

Winner Director’s Choice Award at the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Winner ARIA Award for Best Comedy Release 2015
Nominee Best New Talent AACTA 2017
"Okine is an outstanding storyteller" ★★★★★ – The Music
 ★★★★ – The Guardian

The Last of the Famous International Playboys, performed by Angus Gordon

The Last of the Famous International Playboys

This is a new work, which like all crude products of mass culture are part of the commodification and standardisation of art. It aims to suffocate individuality and destroy critical thinking. I plan on writing a story about an Italian peasant family who lose their beloved son, a noted futurist, in an automobile accident. The future descends upon them swiftly, and it is a strange and terrible future indeed. Please enjoy.

The Time I Punched a Stegosaurus to Pluto, performed by Andy Thompson

The Time I Punched a Stegosaurus to Pluto

Andy Thompson has told more than one or two pork pies and he likes to think he’s good at telling a tall tale. From trying to impress onlookers to avoiding a smack in the chops, Andy has often let words tumble freely from his mouth. The Time I Punched a Stegosaurus to Pluto is a collection of yarns told by one of Brisbane’s favourite story tellers.

Unique: Just Like You, performed by Josh Wessling, Jack Marsho, Ben Rolfe

Unique: Just Like You

Three up and coming comedians take an hour of your time to prove just how unique they truly are.

While You Were Sleeping, performed by Michael Toon

While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping is a one-man one-hour stand up comedy show incorporating, physics, chemistry, pharmacology, anaesthesia and Ikea furniture. It gives an insight into one anaesthetist's account of counting backwards from ten and descending into a deep deep sleep...

White Knuckle Airlines, performed by Andrew Lee

White Knuckle Airlines

This is will be a show about me doing jokes about things that freak me out and also things that I'm curious with and constantly thinking about which drives me into being exhausted and locked up in my room just trying to come up with the funny for it.

Who DEM Boys?, performed by Dan Dennis, Ethan Simiana, Mickey Flykick

Who DEM Boys?

​Who DEM Boys? - A showcase of Brisbane's most huggable, loveable up-and-comeables!

With their comedic experience ranging between 18 months and one year, these boys really aren't that well known.

Covering such big topics as communism, the apocalypse and an old dog's gambling addiction, this will be an intimate two-night only opportunity to find out once and for all; Who DEM Boys?

Yeah the Boys!, performed by Finbar Martinez-Bennett

Yeah the Boys!

This one act play satirises some stereotypical Aussie characters, namely extremely blokey blokes. There is a cast of four, and the play uses Brechtian techniques (with a grain of salt), to give off the sense that the production has been put together poorly, for comedic effort. The script features many instances of breaking the fourth wall, and will have the audience falling off their chairs with laughter in all scenes.