Dom Cusack, Geoff Renison, Alex Condon

Komedy Komeback Kings

Komedy Komeback Kings, performed by Dom Cusack, Geoff Renison, Alex Condon

Stand-Up Comedy


Komedy Komeback Kings
Stand-Up Comedy
1/08/2018 7:30:00 PM
Venue: Electric Avenue Jr
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Stand-Up Comedy - Main Venue: Electric Avenue Jr 23 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba QLD 4102 View Map

Komedy Komeback Kings brings together the collective insanity and alleged talent of Brisbane comedians Dom Cusack, Geoff Renison and Alex Condon in their titular comeback to the stage following a brief hiatus spent in stereotypically grizzled barfly anonymity before being coaxed into one more world tour.

The trio have been hard at work, failing at life and honing their new gear/rehearsing their greatest hits so they can firmly take their thoroughly deserved (of course!) place back on the stand-up stage.

This is confidence comedy. This is Rocky Balboa training montage comedy. This is swaggering, suit-wearing, cocaine comedy. A real take-no-prisoners performance. If you don't like the sound of that ... please still come, it'll really hurt their feelings if you don't! Their mix of surrealist, satirical and caustically observational humour will no doubt dazzle - or possibly just repulse!

Fear not, these gravely unstable artists are no second-raters or also-rans, having chalked up appearances in state finals of triple j RAW Comedy and graced many a Brisbane comedy stage over the past five years.

So do come along and support local venues and local comedy. Come for the beer you may not have tried before, stay for the deadset life-changing comedy show that these legends will deliver.

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Produced by: Dom Cusack, Geoff Renison, Alex Condon