Richie Goodacre, Jennifer Burke

Minority Retort

Minority Retort, performed by Richie Goodacre, Jennifer Burke

Stand-Up Comedy


Minority Retort
Stand-Up Comedy
7/08/2018 7:30:00 PM
Venue: The Milk Factory
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Stand-Up Comedy - Main Venue: The Milk Factory 48 Montague Road, West End Queensland 4101 View Map

What happens when two Minorities/Comedians/Friends, Richie Goodacre (Brisbane Comedy Festival, Raw Comedy Finalist, Open Bracket/Closed Bracket) and Jennifer Burke (Qld Raw Comedy Winner 2014, Raw Comedy Grand Finalist 2014) band together for the purpose of a one hour stand up comedy show? Hilarity and hijinx will ensue as they weave their way through various topics from modern age dating to the pitfalls of society armed with razor sharp wit. These minorities will definitely be vocal, which is very important in a stand up comedy show. Tickets $10 at Door or online at

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Produced by: Richie Goodacre, Jennifer Burke