David Woodhead, James McKenzie

Little Simon & Big Garfunkel

Little Simon & Big Garfunkel, performed by David Woodhead, James McKenzie

Stand-Up Comedy


Little Simon & Big Garfunkel
Stand-Up Comedy
7/08/2017 9:00:00 PM
Venue: Saccharomyces Beer Cafe
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Stand-Up Comedy - Main Venue: Saccharomyces Beer Cafe cnr Fish Land and Merivale Street, South Brisbane View Map

Little Simon & Big Garfunkel is a stand up comedy show featuring two of Brisbane's most exciting, young comics James McKenzie and David Woodhead. Little Simon & Big Garfunkel share a lot of similarities with regular Simon and Garfunkel once performed to 500,000 people at Central Park in New York on the 19th of September 1981. Little Simon & Big Garfunkel will perform to whatever the legal capacity of the Saccharomyces Beer Cafe on the 7th and 8th of August.

Little Simon & Big Garfunkel were an Australian comedy duo consisting of comedian/writer David Woodhead and comedian James McKenzie. They were one of the best-selling comedy groups of the 2010's and became counterculture icons of the Brisbane comedy scene, performing alongside artists such as the Peter Rowsthorne, Greg Fleet, and many more. Their biggest hits—including "D*ckwall" (2015), "Punching a Kid" (2015), "Singing Cher through a fan" (2017), and "Smoking Meth at a Bush Party" (2015)—reached number one best jokes in the Brisbane comedy scene.

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Produced by: David Woodhead, James McKenzie