David Woodhead

Thank Me Later

Thank Me Later, performed by David Woodhead

Stand-Up Comedy


Thank Me Later
Stand-Up Comedy
20/08/2017 3:00:00 PM
Venue: Heya Bar
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Stand-Up Comedy - Main Venue: Heya Bar 351 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006 View Map

After living in Brisbane for over a year David Woodhead is bringing debut festival show Thank Me Later to Bris Funny Fest.

Thank Me Later is a show for anyone who feels as though they grew up too fast and don't fully know what it's like to function in the real world, or for anyone who has made a mistake in their life and don't how to right their wrongs. But it's also for loose units who enjoy getting on the piss on a Thursday or Sunday arvo. So come on down all you mad dogs.

David is a 19 year old comedian, who highly respected comedy magazine Chortle described his looks "somewhere between a yeti and a small mountain" which is a bit weird, but they also said he has a "he has a mature confidence, [and] makes the stage his own" so it's all good. David is a RAW Comedy National Finalist 2016, and has also opened for Australian comedy legend Peter Rowsthorne from Kath and Kim.

"His youth no means a barrier for a stellar performance, he worked the crowd easily." - Beat Magazine

"Scores huge laughs... One of the shows highlights." - Herald Sun

"Bloody good kid" - Mum

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Produced by: David Woodhead